Severe Weather Closures

In the event of an emergency or particularly harsh weather conditions, the decision to close is never taken lightly and rests solely with the Headteacher. It will depend on the circumstances prevalent at the time including:

•    Local conditions (ease of access to and around the school site).
•    How many staff are able to get into school (the majority of teaching staff do not live in the surrounding area and the school must ensure that sufficient staff can travel in to school safely and return home safely at the end of the day).
•    The provision of hot school dinners and hot water.

The school is aware that closure, and particularly closure during the day, presents real difficulties for many families and every effort will be made to keep the school open, if possible.

If a decision is made to close the school, we will advise:

•    Essex County CouncilEmergency School Closures (click to view)
•    Local radio stations

We will also send an in app message and / or email via My Ed to the mobile number you have specified (please ensure this is kept up to date) and post information on our website.

If your child travels by bus the school will, in the event of a closure, inform the company.

If the school remains open, please be aware that not all staff may be present and nor would we expect all the children from surrounding areas to necessarily be able to make their way into school safely. Under these circumstances, school registration would stay open until 10:00am to enable you to slowly and safely make your way into school and prevent potentially dangerous congestion outside the school in icy conditions.

On snowy days, the children will need wellingtons / boots and suitable outdoor clothes to enable them to go out on the playground. If they are not prepared, including a change of shoes, they will be unable to go outside.

Late opening / Early closures

To avoid closing the school fully, it may be possible to open later in the school day to allow for travel disruptions and delays. Similarly, where snow falls heavily during the school day parents may be contacted to collect their children from school before the end of school day. Please check your email and mobile phone throughout the day for any updates.