Infant Block Extension Works

St Francis School is in receipt of a grant to upgrade and modernise some of its buildings following a successful bid by the school last year. The grant will enable us to reconfigure the existing KS1 building and build an extension to replace the loss of accommodation from the Convent, which will be sold in due course.

The extension project will fall into three phases:
1. The building of the extension which will become the new Reception class
2. The refurbishment of the old Reception class and relocation of the Headteacher’s and main school office.
3. Refurbishment of the existing school office and Headteacher’s space to accommodate a new library area and group meeting room. 
This is an exciting time for St Francis School, to modernise the school and ensure that the learning environment enhances effective teaching, to enable all our young people to achieve their full potential. 
Please click on the links below to view the propsed plans for the new build. These are also on display in the receptrion lobby window, by the main school office.