Reception Class - St Francis
Foundation Stage - Reception Class

Class Teacher: Miss Z. Garling

Teaching Assistant: Mrs J. Ennis

Autumn Term

All About Me!

The children start their journey into school life and make new friends.

The busy school day provides each child with the opportunity to access the seven Areas of Learning within the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. 

Communication and Language Development

We talk together about what we are doing, we share new discoveries and listen to what our friends and teachers are saying


Physical Development

Moving and Handling.We engage in large scale and small scale physical activities to develop our strength and muscle control.



Health and Self-Care. We prepare and share our healthy snack each morning. We learn about healthy foods and how to look after ourselves.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Children work together on self led tasks to develop a positive understanding of themselves in a range of appropriate situations. 
Literacy Development

Reading. The children are introduced to Phase Two of the letters and Sounds Programme. They learn the initial sounds or phonemes and develop an audio logical awareness of the sounds in words. The children are taught the graphemes or letters that match the sounds of the letters which gives them the building blocks for early reading skills. Stories and texts are shared and celebrated at home and at school. 

Writing. The children develop early mark making skills and are taught letter formation to help them to develop early writing skills.  Adults in the class model writing skills in a range of contexts; we may make a shopping list or write a letter to a giant!




Mathematical DevelopmentNumber. The children will be working with groups of real objects to count reliably up to twenty. They will be solving practical problems of addition and subtraction. 

Shape, space and measures. The children will be discovering the properties of flat or 2D shapes and will be naming them The children will compare these to solid or 3D shapes. They will be using appropriate language to compare heights and lengths of real objects. 
The children will have practical opportunities to explore and investigate capacity.  



Understanding of the WorldThe children will explore the seasonal changes and discover how this affects animals and plants. The children will find out about themselves and their homes and school.

They will share the Religious Education Programme ‘Come and See’ and participate in the three topics; Myself, Welcome and Birthdays. The children will have opportunity for daily prayer and worship and participate in Key Stage One Good Work Assembly.  At Christmas the children will participate in the Key Stage One presentation of the Nativity.
Expressive Arts and Design

The children will be able to access the wide range of resources to share their feelings and ideas through a variety of media.